Lymphatic Stimulation

medicupping machine

The MediCupping™ machine  creates  suction,  pumping movements  and vacuum pressure. It  softens tight muscles and tone attachments, loosens adhesions and lifts  connective tissue.  It brings hydration and blood flow to body tissues, moves  deep inflammation to the skin surface for release, and drains excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. 

 The  lymphatic system consists of the lymph, a colorless fluid that circulates through a system of ducts in the body.  Along these ducts the lymph glands act as “purifying stations” destroying dead cells, bacteria, and eliminating waste materials and toxins

Lymphatic drainage stimulation,  when done in a series, will help diminish cellulite, swelling, bruising, water retention, fatty tissue, It can aid in  increasing blood circulation, and eliminate impurities and toxins from the deeper layers of the skin. Lymphatic drainage massage are found to promote healing in both pre and post operative situations. For best results done in a series of 10 treatments within 5 weeks. Then once a month for maintenance.

Whole Body Treatment  1.5 hour  $130

Core Of Body Treatment  $95.00  + 30 minute infrared Sauna $115.00

Series Of Six  Recommended .  each session with series is $80.00 with sauna $105

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