Stomach Massage

Stomach massage, enhances digestion and stimulates your bowels. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach is the center of energy. Thus, massaging this area also energizes the entire body. It increases blood circulation in the area. Sometimes it can also help a person get in touch with their “gut” feelings.  There is a lot more stress and feelings stored in this area of the body than  many people realize.

Language can mirror the deeper meaning of the body.  such phrases as

  1. I can’t stomach that
  2. that is a gutsy thing to do
  3. I don’t have the guts to do that
  4. that takes a lot of guts
  5. I don’t have the stomach for that
  6. what you said hit me in the gut
  7. I have a gut feeling about that

mirror a deep connection to the feelings in our “stomach” area.  It can be a very relaxing, and freeing experience to have the abdominal area massaged.

So many women have “issues” with their “stomach”.  It is almost as if we disown that area of our bodies and then we wonder why we have digestion problems, constipation etc. I think  one of the stepping stones  on the  pathway to happiness is to accept and appreciate our bellies!

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