Healing Baths

Seaweed Bath:

Taking a seaweed bath once a week may help  to stimulate lymphatic drainage, reduce cellulite, rid your body of toxins,  and balance your  body chemistry. 

I buy dried seaweed in Chinatown.  I put it in a knee high sock, tie a knot in the top of the knee high and steep it in a large pot full of water for about 15 minutes.  I run  my bath and pour the water from the pot into the tub. Before I step into the tub, I dry brush my body.  I stay in the bath for @30 minutes to give my body time to; absorb the mineral properties, balance my acid/alkaline system, stimulate my liver and fat metabolism.  I rub my body with the seaweed that is tied in the knee high.  After I get out, I wrap myself in a large towel and relax. Linda Page, N.D. Ph.D. -  says "Sea plants can transform your health. A seaweed bath is a great way to get the benefits of sea plants all over your body. Seaweed baths are considered very therapeutic because of their very high mineral content. Some call these baths iodine baths, since the iodine content of 1/3 of a cup of seaweed is more than 2,000 times the RDA—recommended daily allowance Seaweed baths also reportedly benefit other organs, including the adrenal glands, because of its vitamin K content, and helps maintain hormone balance.

The electrolytic magnetic action of the sea plants releases excess body fluids from congested cells and dissolves fatty wastes through the skin, replacing them with depleted minerals, particularly potassium and iodine.

Seaweed rehydrates your skin and may relieve conditions like psoriasis. It helps skin elasticity, and the appearance of skin tone. Seaweed baths ease muscular pain. and assist circulation,

Dr. René Quinton, French biologist/physiologist, proved that pure seawater is virtually identical to mammalian blood plasma. With the assistance of many eminent physicians, he successfully used seawater as a healing agent on thousands of patients in France and Egypt in the early 1900s.

 Caution: Those with high blood pressure thyroid problems, iodine sensitivity or other health problems should consult their doctors before having a hot seaweed bath..


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This bath opens pores and eliminates toxins and also helps to eliminate pain. Mix 2 cups of epsom salts and 2 tablespoons of ginger in a cup of warm of water  then add to your bath. Do not remain in the tub for more than 30 minutes.


This is used when the body is too acidic. This is a quick way of restoring the acid-alkaline balance. 1 cup to 2 quarts of 100% apple cider vinegar to a bathtub of warm water. Soak 40 to 45 minutes. This is excellent for excess uric acid in the body and especially for the joints, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and gout

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