Jo Gentry

I was certified in Massage Therapy 26 years ago at the International School Of Massage. I do all the modalities listed on this website.

I feel If we are lucky, we continue to discover amazing vistas along the journey of our life.  We step off our well worn road and onto a pathway of new discovery.   I have been trained in Hypnosis, EFT and NLP.  As I use various methods, I call my work Embodied-Mind Trance Work.

I feel Embodied-Mind Trance Work is such a powerful tool for “detoxing” negative thoughts and beliefs we hold within our being. The “secrets” we run away from are always pursuing us.  Embodied-Mind Trance Work  offers the opportunity to  end the flight from our authentic selves.  It offers us the opportunity to turn and face the pesky  beliefs that have kept us “running scared”.  Almost magical,  it allows us to wave the wand of insight, and clarity over self limiting thought boxes.

I am especially interested in working with physical issues and detox.  I feel trance in its various levels, is a powerful tool to wash away thoughts and patterns in which we have become stuck.  These stuck places, in our thinking and lives, begin to keep us from believing in ourselves and our ability to transform.  We get bogged down in muddied thinking and forget “in the twinkling of a thought” we can begin to change our lives.  Our mind and system become blocked.  Traumas create a logjam in the river of our lives and create stagnation in our ability to be in charge and present in our current life.  Working with various levels of altered cognizance, we can attain a more balanced and healthy  life. 

Through the experience of Embodied-Mind Trance Work, we can become aware of how we have allowed tattered words from childhood to be the banner of our life...or experiences we had, to keep us trapped in a moment that has long since passed behind us.

I have been trained by Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Zoe Walton, L.Ac. EFT-ADV in EFT, Marilyn Gordon in Hypnotherapy and Tim Halboum in NLP

2000 Van Ness #502 San Francisco, Ca.  94114 Phone:  415-839`5500 email