Beverly A. Resch

Beverly A. Resch  is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner .  She was certified in Massage Therapy at the International School Of Massage in 1989.   After graduating, she was an assistant teacher for the massage program. She has been specializing in Massage Therapy at the Metropolitan Club for 23 years.

Beverly’s areas of expertise include: seniors, pregnancy massage, and rehabilitative massage.  She is also trained in Reiki and La Stone.   She offers Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish, LaStone, Body Tap/Percussion, and reflexology.

Beverly seeks to restore, inspire, and promote balance and well being in her clients. Through the years, she has seen the positive affects her consistent treatments have created in her regular clientele. Through her studies, she has an educated awareness of how bodywork can help release the toxins and assist in the natural healing process. She is well aware of how bodywork can assist in the removal of aches, pains and stress, leaving her clients relaxed and energized.

Beverly is trained in Hypnotherapy.  She is a Certified Master Level NLP Practitioner.  She can be reached at  Phone:  415-474-2825  bodymind2000@gmail.com

2000 Van Ness #502 San Francisco, Ca.  94114 Phone:  415-839`5500 email