Percussing The Body

$30.00 for 30 minute session 

recommended before infrared sauna session

tapping can get energy to circulate
Improves blood circulation
helps relieve aches and pains
cleanses off impurities
stimulates the lymphatic system

In different methods of Hitting, the hand a bamboo rod or other tools are used to strike specific lines along the body and limbs. These vibrations help release and loosen toxins out of the fasciae, muscles and internal organs, while breaking up deposits of uric acid and releasing tension from the body. 

“ When the human body is stimulated, it creates a natural reaction. A potential energy of self-defense automatically switches on and stimulates to activate cells and helps repair our body's biological tissues, which leads to improved physique and health. (Growth Hormone) to nurse and heal affected areas.” 

To read more about the benefits of tapping the body, click on this link.


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