Releasing Your Inner Swan

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The "Releasing Your Inner Swan" protocol involves a 6 week step by step program of working with Body-Mind  to detox your mind and body.  Each session uses methods to rid your mind of “toxic’ beliefs you hold about yourself and your ability to change.  

This often involves the belief  that you don’t deserve to succeed. It involves unrealistic beliefs  that you aren’t worthy or it is not possible for you to be free.  Often we start to believe that being glorious is not possible, it is as if hope has drained away from the cells of our bodies. 

Along with the Embodied-Mind work, each week you will be given a method for detoxing your body system. By detoxing our bodies and minds, we relieve our system of old burdens, both mentally and physically.  This allows a new landscape to emerge, free of ancient weeds.

I invite you to create a healthy, joyful, you. I invite you to reclaim your true physical and mental potential. I invite you to step into the practice of patient perseverance, day by day, step by step,  take a journey into physical and mental health. 

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